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Want to see results from social media?

You may be missing one thing! I’ll show you what that is and how to turn your social media into a leads machine as an impactful business. 

Click below so I can show you the vital steps to take before putting posts out so that you can grow a highly engaged audience authentically that wants to buy from you!

Why collaborations should be at the top of your social media strategy

The Main Reason Why You’re Not Growing On Social.

Let me guess. You’re here because social media isn’t working for you. You could be posting to no avail and seeing nothing as a result or you have absolutely no time to do it (but know you need to make time!). The algorithm changes quickly as do strategies that work – luckily we’ve cracked the code to this. Even with that said, there are vital steps to take before even posting that will set you up for major success.

Want to know how to do that?

Want to know how to turn likes into followers and then into sales?

Take this 1-minute Social Media Evaluation to see where you need to go to make it happen! (we’ll review the quiz and get back to you!)


Social Media Done-for-You

This month-to-month package is designed for those who need all aspects of social media done for them to increase engagement, credibility, leads, and conversions ...

Social Media Strategy

After an intro call, I put together a customized social media strategy for you to be able to revive your social media. Most times I also include digital marketing recommendations as well...

Social Media Partnerships + Collaborations

This package is designed for those to gain massive credibility, leads and sales from being introduced to influencers, industry leaders, podcasts and media outlets...

Social Media Audit

This is for those who may not know exactly what they’re looking for but know they need to do something with their social media accounts...

Social Media Evaluation

Don’t know where to begin? This can help evaluate where you’ve been, where you are and where you can go with social media. I’ll review the answers and get back to you with your results!

Happy Clients

Roxsanne Bochman,
Roxsanne Bochman,
CEO, Bochman Consulting
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I’ve worked with Erika for years, and she demonstrates a natural talent when it comes to branding, copywriting, content curating, and developing partnerships, which helped generate growth for the business. In addition, Erika has the technical skills and tools needed for online marketing, including social media and SEO strategies. Erika always showed excellent communication and was always very pleasant when working on our projects. I highly recommend Erika to anyone looking for an expert in social media, business strategy, or branding.
Darcie Purcell
Darcie Purcell
Brand Attunement Specialist
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Erika is a talented copywriter in the health space. She knows her stuff!!! It is difficult to find writers in the health space that understand the science and can relay it in a simplistic way. She also managed Instagram and created a powerful strategic plan for growth. I would love to have her on any team on work with in the future.
Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan
Transformational Mindset Coach
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When it comes to PR + Marketing, Erika should be your first and last choice to help bring your business to the next level. She has so much passion behind what she does and in my opinion is a true innovator in the industry. Erika is professional, passionate, forthcoming, honest and adaptable in her style and listens to your thoughts as she brings them to life. Her style and approach are unmatched as she delivers the quality exposure you're looking for. She has really helped me make the necessary changes needed to bring my business to the next level. I have not found a more dynamic and energetic advocate to help me in all areas of marketing.
Dr. Christine Schaffner
Dr. Christine Schaffner
Naturopathic Doctor, Founder of Immanence Health
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My praise for you would be many, but I think highlighting, especially for the busy professional who is contracting social media out, that you have an amazing ability to grasp a person's content and pick out the pearls that are socially relevant and great for social engagement. Plus you have a great way of organically growing engagement and engaging with the aligned community. My Instagram grew from 1K to 15K+ under your direction without ads, and the posts brought in tons of traffic to products, summits, programs, whatever we were promoting at the time.

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