Hi!  Becoming a mom years ago changed me in a way that I never could have imagined. When I had to watch everything that went into my body, I changed over to an organic, non GMO lifestyle – not only did I focus on clean eating and reading every single label like crazy, but I began to buy health, beauty and cleaning products with good, REAL ingredients.

This new way of life of course changed my entire work perspective, and from then on, I’m lucky enough to work with companies with the same values.  I currently freelance as a heart-centric, results oriented digital marketing specialist.  Aside from that, let’s get to know each other…

  • My daughter is #1 in my world!  Everything I do, I do for her.  And because of her, I consider myself to be the luckiest mom ever!!!!
  • I do not like taking selfies!
  • Family is everything to me – and I would be nothing without them!
  • Normally, I’m in t-shirts, tanks, shorts or jeans – and flip-flops are my staple in the summer time
  • I live by the saying, ‘improvise, adapt and overcome’
  • I never give up, and always keep going when the going gets tough
  • I love to have fun, laugh and joke – life is not meant to take seriously – even in tough times
  • Love my 12 year old american bulldog
  • I’m a huge animal lover
  • I have a gluten and dairy sensitivity
  • I’m currently fighting Lyme’s disease
  • I spend way more than I should on food but am becoming much more of a bargain shopper
  • I love reality TV, and most often watch either Bravo or E channels
  • Born and raised in a suburb of NYC – and made my way back here!
  • Take things day by day
  • I work out as much as I can – recently just starting running (it’s more like jogging but to me I’m sprinting)
  • I’m in no way formal!

Ok enough about me, if you’re still here reading, then I’d love to connect.   Contact me via email (erikamcquade[at]gmail[dot]com), on Twitter or LinkedIn.  Thanks for visiting!


Please feel free to contact me below, and I will respond as soon as I can.  In the meantime, let’s get connected on Twitter or LinkedIn. Looking forward to chatting with you!

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